It’s Friday and we’ve got a blog from Ronnie to cap the week off!

Next week we start shipping the Corporation range, and I cannot tell you how excited I am!!

I think this range marks a new high watermark for Mantic. The whole range has been designed by the new design team of Mike, Roberto and Remy – and I think what they have delivered is just outstanding.


We used the premium resin-plastic to ensure the models were super crisp detail. We also designed every model to have a separate head, and arms, both left and right. This gives the absolute maximum amount of model-abilty (is that a word?), and choice to you. I’ll be honest, the packers did not thank us, especially when we added the special weapon options, a kneeling figure and other cool little extras, like so many different heads! However, our view was that nothing should stop these being the coolest human sci-fi models available – and I think the design team has carried off this brief by some margin. Well done and thanks.

During the early stages we thought about how we could offer as near to a complete army right from the onset. Much coffee, drawings and Mike and Alessio swearing at me, we pulled together a sculpting plan and army list that allowed us to offer 4 different units at launch. With heavy weapon options, basic troopers (Marines), an upgraded unit (veterans) and the Rangers (think paratroopers!) we feel the army offers a great mix of unit types and playability right from the onset. Once you add the metal hero figure (complete with Cee-gar!) you’ve got a fantastic sci-fi force, that will not only allow you to make a solid warpath force, but actually once that will work really well in pretty much any futuristic battle, skirmish or role-playing game.


As always we have had another stunning job done on the army by the Golem team, with Tommie himself painting the whole army! Those of you who have been following the blog will know that we played around with a few colour schemes. However, careful readers will know that the Corporation is not just one monolithic block, but instead many different companies vying for ascendency and power. This gives real choice to colour schemes and stamping your own unique style on your army. I have added here the photoshop colour schemes we worked up to get your creative juices flowing.

So, get on down to your local gaming store – you can find your nearest Mantic stockist here, or visit us at one of the many shows we are attending – and have a look at these fantastic new models.

Last, but by no means least, is the price. With the twin-pack offering two 10 man units, meaning each squad comes in at just £24.99, $44.99 and €34.99 we feel we have really delivered a great army that you enjoy and afford to collect.

And if you have any comments, thoughts or ideas, pop on over to our amazing new forum and leave us your thoughts.

Thanks for supporting Mantic.

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