The Clash of Kings is Mantic’s show-piece Kings of War tournament in the UK and attracts the best players from around the country.
This year we will be hosting the event over a whole weekend at Mantic’s new HQ in Nottingham.

That’s right, a whole weekend of Kings of War!

This year we’ve upped the size of the games to 2000 points per side meaning more models, more units, more mayhem and more fun… after all, big armies is what we are all about!

Last year’s incumbent Champion, Daniel King is playing so if you fancy a shot at claiming his crown why not muster your army and prepare for a great weekend of your favourite fantasy table-top game?

Tickets and the tournament pack are available here – places are limited though so grab yours quickly!  Once you do, be sure to stop by and join the event here, and watch social media for any more information!

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