On the 9th/10th February, Mantic is holding the Clash of Kings National Kings of War tournament 2013 at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield. 1800 points of Kings of War armies will clash on the tabletop across 6 games, with a cash prize for the winner, and many other awards being given out across the weekend.

As part of the build-up to Kings of War, we’ve set our Pathfinders the Clash of Kings challenge!

pathfindersSix of the Pathfinders – nine in total are taking part including new additions Sarah Chew, Matt Gilbert and Andy Robertson.

Each Pathfinder has selected an army to build and paint between now and February. Each has started with one of the forthcoming One Player Battle Sets (more on those on Friday!!) and they have a budget of £25 each month to spend on miniatures to build an army worthy of winning the tournament (or just taking part, that’s the real fun of it!).

Every day this week and twice a month thereafter, each Pathfinder will be posting up an update on their progress on our forum Blog – your space to show us what hobby you’ve been up too! They will be reporting on everything from army list composition, how they’ve gone about modeling x unit, painting guides for their latest purchase… they will be documenting the whole experience of building a Mantic Army, and we’d like you to follow them and join in! We’re even going to get them together from time to time and have a big practice scrap and document it for a Kings of War Battle Report Royale.

Winners 1Josh has won the past two tournaments with Alberto a close second –  he needs a good hiding!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing in the tournament or not – join us in building a new Mantic army, or painting the bits and pieces you’ve got, and help us celebrate the end of the three years hard work we’ve put into creating the new book and help push the Pathfinders along by following their progress! Gaarew and mattjgilbert have already gone today with their posts on building an Elf and an Orc army, so check those out, keep an eye out for updates from the other Pathfinders and start planning your force. We’re going to be chipping in as well, with two of us in the office planning an Abyssal Half-breed army, a Twilight Kin force and an Undead horde – we hope you can join us!

We’re going nuts on Kings of War models this week so join us tomorrow for updates from the Pathfinders and a whole host of new models, before full details of the tournament spring out!

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