Club Nights are a great way to get involved in the hobby and in April, the folks at the Chelmsford Bunker held a Mantic Night. Well, they’ve written us a report on the night, as well as sent us some shots of the event in action. Here’s an extract:

A ‘Mantic Night’ was held in April and club members brought their painted Mantic miniatures to be photographed and play demo games of KOW and DKH. The club also helped Mantic Games at Salute running participation games of KOW and DKH. With the success of Salute, the Bunker looks forward to helping and working with Mantic Games in the future. In June the club will run its first KOW campaign using the Mighty Empires system and in the near future are looking to run a KOW tournament.


You can check out the full article here as well as some more great photos (and a link the photobucket gallery)! Look out for more event reports coming soon!

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