Deadzone is one of those games where customisation of your force is a massive part of the game. That’s why we’re releasing Booster Packs for each of the factions! We’ve shown off the Plague and Enforcer ones in previous blog posts, as they’ll be let loose from the warehouse on Friday along with the rest of the Deadzone releases, but with the Rebs and Marauders coming out in March it seemed like a good time to show them off!

Let’s start with the Marauders today – we’ll look at the Rebs later in the week.

We’ve got to start with the Troops Booster. This gets you four regular Commandos and a Pyro, ideal for bulking out your force. The Marauder deck contains several missions that make it important to have a decent number of models in your force – point control, infiltration, even basic survival. Commandos are a great way to increase the number of fighters in your Strike Team without bumping the points up too far. Also, they’re pretty awesome in a fight! Their Survive stat equals an Enforcer Trooper, and their Fight stat is better! Sure, they’re not as well-armoured, and they don’t have as much nice kit, but they’re still worth taking in good quantities.

I can see the Specialists booster being the most popular, because everything in it rocks! The Sergeant is a great addition to your force – he isn’t in the Faction starter, but trust me, you want to add him. He’s a total combat monster, with a Fight of 4+ and the Brawler ability, making him a real beast. His Tactician ability also gives you extra Command Points to spend, so for ten points he’s an absolute bargain. You also get a pair of Goblin Snipers, who are great at taking down armoured targets – or just about anything else, really! If you get them up high, and they can see a target in the clear, they get an absolutely insane eight dice. Combine that with a Shoot value of 5+ and AP1, and those pesky Enforcers will start taking serious casualties. Finally, the set includes a pair of Mawbeasts, which are just as nasty whether you use them as Mawbeasts or as Mawbeast Bombers.

Okay, I take it back. The Specialists booster is awesome, but LOOK AT THIS! IT’S GOT TWO RIPPER SUITS! Ahem. Sorry about that. As I’m sure you remember, I rather like the Ripper Suits, and the Support Booster contains two more! That’s four Ripper Suits in total if you’ve already got the Faction Starter – 56 points of big guns, metal plates and bad attitude. There’s also the Hulk, who is simply scary. He’s even harder to kill than a Ripper Suit and he’s got a frankly terrifying gun that can tear through any armour that gets in its way. To put it bluntly, this pack adds some serious firepower to your strike team.

Goblin Guntrack - £9.99

Goblin Guntrack – £9.99

Speaking of Firepower, the Guntrack is a great way of adding some proper punch to your force. It uses the vehicle rules (which will be included in the Nexus Psi campaign book), takes up an entire Cube, and comes with both a Mortar and a H.E.W. Cannon. The Mortar lets you fling Massive Frags around the battlefield, while the H.E.W. is the same as the Hulk’s weapon – i.e. it’s a real hard hitter, with AP6. Finally, you don’t need to glue the weapon in place on the Guntrack, meaning you can paint up both options and switch between them for different games, which is always useful!

Last, but far from least, we have the Commando Captain. Unlike his fellow Leaders the Warlord and the Sergeant, the Captain is more of a thinker than a fighter, with an impressive 3-2 Command stat and the Strategist ability. He’s not as well-protected as the Plague or Enforcer leaders, however, which means he’ll be a priority target for your opponent. As such it’s definitely worth considering getting a second Captain for your force, to make sure you can’t be easily hamstrung. The individual Captain is also handy if you want to build a force from scratch using Boosters, rather than picking up the Faction Starter.

All of the above will be available to pre-order from the Mantic store – don’t miss out!

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