If you missed it, Dwarf King’s Quest has finally been confirmed!  What an exciting week!  We also crossed the 16k fan mark, so I’ve got some really neat fun stuff planned – watch the blog, the newsletter and our social media channels to get involved!  It will be open to ALL fans, so do make sure you’re following us absolutely everywhere!

Also, if you’re interested in that game where people kick a ball around…no, not Dreadball, I mean the World Cup, we’re running various coupons.  Check the sidebar for the most current code, but until MONDAY, the code is KNOCKOUT20!
Remember, it can’t be used on pre-orders and is only valid in countries knocked out of the World Cup (or no longer involved).

Wanna do something for charity?  Wanna check out some amazing terrain?  The Terrain Tutor is doing something amazing for Help for Heroes.  The video is in our ‘On The Web’ section!

Coming events in the next few weeks

13/7/2014 –Stoke Challenge

Stoke-on-Trent, UK

19/7/2014 – The Capital Carnage Cup

Dark Sphere, 57 York Road, SE1 7NJ London, United Kingdom

27/7/2014 – Clash of Kings Regional – Evesham

Total Wargamer, Evesham, UK

 2/8/2014 – Claymore

Granton Campus of Edinburgh College, 350 West Granton Road, Edinburgh EH5 1QE

14/8/2014-17/8/2014 – GenCon 2014

Indianapolis, USA

29/8/2014-31/8/2014–   Games & Gearscon

Crowne Plaza London – Gatwick Airport, Langley Drive, Crawley, United Kingdom

On the web…

There’s been a lot of fun stuff shared on twitter and other places lately, so as ever, here’s some of the best things we’ve seen, or are enjoying.

For Charity
The Terrain Tutor deserves a special mention here. Grab your tickets to help ‘Help for Heroes’ and support this very worthy cause – and enjoy some really kick-ass terrain. Check the video out!


By popular request, I’m sharing two of the podcasts I listen to religiously (and would love more to enjoy!)
Deadzone the Podcast – (they also wrote an article series on Deadzone, for Beasts of War)

Warmore Radio.  The guy that runs this podcast is a twitter share regular – he finds and creates some really neat stuff, so thank you @ATT64

Models and other interesting pictures


And now, over to you…

Chris and I are also looking for places to come talk to y’all about the games we make, and the fun you’re all having, so if you’re interested, please email me at kai at www.manticgames.com and let me know.  Chris is doing the majority of them for now, but I’ll be joining in too soon!

Stick your response in the comments below and let’s chat!

Would you like us to share images from fans?  How would you like us to do so?  Anything else you’d like to see?

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Remember guys, until June 30th,…


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