When he’s not creating Kickstarter graphics, building Basilean books or procrastinating around Hadrian’s Wall, Curis occasionally does some hobby at work. Blasphemy I hear you scream – Hobby in work hours? Surely there’s stuff to be designed and photos to edit! Well, you’d be right, but when we put together some ideas for some Veteran Hobby Kits Curis nominated himself for the task of converting some of them up…

Here’s how he got on!

Red Goblin Blaster

Shown off previously in the week, the Red Goblin Blaster is actually very simple. Take one Gore Chariot and turn the Gores around, add one metal Goblin Mawbeast Handler and built and paint a sprue of Renedra Barrels. Pile them up and hey presto, super duper Red Goblin Blaster.

Red Goblin Blaster

OK, so you don’t exactly have to be a Veteran hobbyist to put this one together, but it’s fun none the less. And what about that Red Goblin Operator? Will you be mounting him separately on top of this contraption of death?

Ogre Chariots

Curis put together one of the Ogre Chariots which was a bit more involved (you get three in the box by the way, Chris was either too lazy or too busy to build the others, you can decide which!). Take a Gore Chariot as normal and the Ogre unit. Arm them with the two handed weapons supplied (there’s hand weapons and shields as well) and mount them accordingly.Chris has actually cut the chains from the driver hands you get with the Orc Chariot and glued them onto an Ogre arm.


Ogre Captain/Battle Standard Bearer on Chariot

Another option in the Ogre Force List found in the new Kings and Legends Book, the Ogre Captain on Chariot looks very grand indeed, particularly as this combat beast gets a boost in speed and crushing strength as a result!


There’s also a metal standard arm in this set if you want to convert up a Battle Standard Bearer!

Let us know what you in the comments?

The Ogres and Goblins are now available to pre-order from the Mantic Webstore and will begin shipping on the 29th July.

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