Ashley thought she had it all planned out. She knew which colleges she wanted to apply for by her first day of high school. She’d plotted a career plan before her fourteenth birthday. By the night of her prom, she could have told you every significant event in her life up to retirement.

Life doesn’t always turn out how you expect, does it?

They came on prom night. Invaders from another world! There was no way she could have planned for that. She lost everything: her friends, her family, her future. As she stood outside the ruins of Greenville High, staring out at the warzone that had been her home town, she made a vow. She was going to take the fight back to these alien monsters, and make them pay for what they’d done. That’s when she started work on a whole new plan…


Ashley will joining Buddy, Brandi and Joe in our upcoming Mars Attacks miniatures game. The game box will contain those three, plus a squad of U.S. Troopers, up against General Tor and his Martian Grunts. Of course, that’s just where it starts. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we’d like to add plenty more variety! That means more heroes, more Martians, and maybe even some vehicles! Over the next week we’ll be showing you some concept sketches for things we’d like to see in the game, but why not tell us what YOU want to see in the comments below? Oh, and as ever – don’t forget to register at!

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