Those of you who downloaded the Corporation Dossier would have seen a small excerpt from Aggressive Negotiations – a short story written by Jonathan Peace. You can now check out the full story here!

The firefight was intense. Criss-crossing beams of energy sang through the air, superheating it until it seemed they were fighting on the deserts of Halkari Prime rather than on the dark red mud of Hadax. Another stanchion of the bridge exploded but still the damned thing wouldn’t fall.

Two hundred Marauders ran towards the bridge, their weapons growling in their giant paws while frenzied drool ran from their tusks. They were eager for battle and ready to die.

Corporal Zimmer of the 23rd Section would gladly grant their wish, but first he had a job to do. He fastened another magnetic charge to the stanchion while around him his fire team opened up on the charging brutes.

“Last one!” Zimmer shouted. Whether or not they heard him, he didn’t care. He just needed to fasten this charge in place… Continued on the website.

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