Continuing on this week’s Corporation theme (they’re nearly here don’t you know!), we’ve got a new short story on the website by Jonathan Peace.

Here’s a snippet:

The explosion was loud. Debris and bits of Marauder spattered down around them. Smoke blew everywhere. Coulson hefted his weapon and took off towards the gaping hole in the bars wall. Grimm let off a volley of shots that kept the Corporation troopers pinned down long enough for them to make their escape. With Skye running between them, the three jumped through the wall and disappeared from sight.

We will continue to march, Even if everything shatters;

Because today Damark IV hears us, And tomorrow, the whole Jinkaru Sector.
Corporation Victory is your prospe—

The vid-screen exploded in a shower of sparks and plastic. Grimm lowered his rifle.
“That damn High Marshall is really starting to make me angry…” – READ MORE.


When Jonathan submitted us these stories, we asked him to write a little about himself to accompany this blog.

My name is Jonathan Peace – but everyone just calls me JP. Even Lucy, my fiancée calls me that (unless I’ve not done the dishes or forgotten to wash the floors, then she calls me a whole heap of other names).

I’ve been into fantasy wargaming for way too many years (I bought the original Rogue Trader on day of release), and ended up working for GW for ten years from a red shirt up to regional manager for Leeds and Bristol. Now I write for my bread ‘n’ butter; primarily screenplays but in the last year a lot of stuff for Mantic.

I came across Mantic purely by chance back in 2009, bought some Skeletons and paints and was hooked. When I found out my old boss Ronnie was the brains behind the company (at least that’s what we tell him – we all know it’s really Orcy) I knew I just had to find a way to work for them. On their site it says they work with: “the best artists, sculptors and writers…” and so out of sheer arrogance I began to pester them with emails until they finally caved. One email response bore the immortal words: “crazy or just another writer?” (that’s up on my Wall Of Courage).

DossierThere’s a Veer-myn Dossier coming in March – make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter!

The Twilight Kin descriptive text was my first official piece of writing for Mantic quickly followed by some bits for the Corporation Dossier as well as several short stories. I’m currently working on more stories, more Dossiers and a few other projects. In other writing I have a novella available, the first in a trilogy called The Magpie’s Lament. Part two is due out in late April/early May 2012 with part three (and a hardback collection) in September 2012.

You can get a copy of Jonathan’s novella (available in both traditional paperback and ebook formats) from here.

For more on Corporation, click here.

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