A couple of weeks ago, we asked everyone on our Facebook page to pose some questions for Mike McVey for Corporation week – well, here are your answers!

What was your primary inspiration for the Corporation? Were any particular movies, historical eras, novels, or games inspirational?

I’ll answer this from a visual perspective – Alessio would be the man to ask about the inspiration for the background of the Corporation. We drew inspiration from a wider variety of different places for the way the troops look (at least the ones you have seen so far!) – there are definite echoes of modern American Infantry in the way they look, but we wanted to make sure they had a clear sci-fi look and feel.

Corporation-Marines-TwinpackThe Corporation Marine Twin-pack on the table – thanks to Battlefront for providing the Gale Force 9 scenery

There are some classic movie renderings of science fiction soldiers – Aliens being a prime example, but we felt they were just a little on the low-tech side for what we wanted. You have to remember though – The Corporation is a huge and varied faction, encompassing mots of the human population of the Warpath universe, so what you have seen so far is only just scrapping the surface of what they have to offer.

what kind of releases have you planned in the future for the Corporation?

Some really exciting ones! I’m obviously not going to give anything away, but we have [*Edited by the power of the Corporation*] being worked on at the moment for something later this year, and they are looking stuffing. In fact I would go as far as to say the first sculpt is the best thing in the whole Mantic range so far… I’m very excited about it. In the longer term we will be moving upwards in size a little, and focusing on different aspects of the Corporation army rather than infantry.

Does the Corporation know what the 8th race is?

Good question! I’m not really the man to answer that question, but I can tell you this – if they don’t know by now, they are about to find out. Project Pandora is coming…!


What can we expect from Vehicles? My Forgefathers want a transport.

Funny you should mention vehicles, there has been a lot of discussion around that subject lately. We’ve got a couple of vehicles in the game so far (the Marauder Raptor and Forge Father Hailstorm cannon), and there are definitely some more on the way. We’ll be doing some different medium sized vehicles for both of those factions, and then stepping up the size to something a little more impressive. Put it this way, a large part of the last design meeting was spend stacking up various objects of different sizes, to decide just how large out next foray into vehicles will be…

DSC_2234Design meeting – shows the true chain of power. Note teaboy in the corner.

The first concept (from the ever wonderful Roberto Cirillo) is done – and I have to say it’s looking fantastic. Other than that, you’ll have to wait and see.

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