Welcome to Corporation week!

With all of the Corporation unveiled now for the launch in March, we’re going to be taking a look at what went into building the army, some new battleshots of the Corporation in action and we’ve even put your questions from Facebook to Mike McVey!

Over the weekend, pictures of the Major-General broke cover. Many of you will have noticed that we snuck him into the shot on the home page – here’s the full photo:


What’s great about the Major-General is he is the first Mantic hero with variant options. You can take him with the Energy Sword…


… or the Energy Fist:

Corporation-Major-General-Mantic-GamesThis great Remy sculpt has been effortlessly brought to life by the fine fellows at Golem Painting Studio. You can pick it up in the webstore now as either an individual blister or free in our great value pre-launch army deals.

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