So, Grafe’s Steel Legion – 40 plastic dwarf Ironclad warrriors, 40 plastic Ironwatch, 4 Iron Belcher cannon/organ gun kits, 1 Flame Cannon, 5 metal Ironbeards and 10 Dwarf Berserkers…

Something’s missing…

Dwarf King

Ah yes, the Dwarf King’s War Counsel! A premium metal boxset containing 4 metal models, this set will contain a Dwarf King, Warsmith, Army Standard Bearer and a Berserker Lord!

Kev’s going to be working from the art you see here which, if these pieces iare anything to go by, means that our Dwarf hero models are going to be the best looking dwarfs anywhere. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing them!

Here’s some more:

Mantic Games Berserker LordMantic Games Warsmith

Let us know what you think!

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