Hi there. I just thought I should drop you all a quick note to keep you all informed of the latest developments here at Mantic.

Yesterday saw the arrival of the Kickstarter KoW rulebook. This is the 2nd edition of the rulebook with the names of all the Kickstarter backers printed inside.

The guys in the warehouse dragging a small portion of the Kings of War books into the building

This means that over the next week we’ll be sending out over 1000 parcels filled with huge armies and over 250,000 more models will be heading for the gaming table!

It was also great to see many of our Kickstarter backers come and visit us at Gencon, along with many other regulars whom we have gotten to know over the last four visits – and many new faces too. Many of them gave me a sound thrashing at our 3-up version of Dwarf Kings Hold, and they all got a sneak peek of our future releases. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to meeting many more of you at our Open Day on September 29th.

While the operations team have been very busy casting and making parcels, the guys upstairs have been working on our big box release for the end of 2012 – and what a release we think it is going to be!

Tomorrow will be announcing the release of Dreadball – The Futuristic Sports Game with the simultaneous release of the website and… the Kickstarter campaign!

Dreadball is a quick, simple, two-player board game set in our Warpath universe where coaches try to outscore their opponent and win at all costs! The game comes complete with a fantastically detailed full-colour pitch, two complete teams, a roster pad to keep a record of your team’s development ( yes – league play is included) plus counters, event cards, and dice – all packed in a beautiful high-quality box. With the help of the community, via Kickstarter, we hope to be able to include the referee, alternative sculpts and more players in the basic box, and get on with funding more “Most Valuable Players” (MVPs) and extra teams.

The game sets two teams against each other – but as you would expect from Mantic, these are not just any old teams!

There are the Corporation teams, the best of the best selected from the millions of enlisted men, and the human team offers balance and all round play. The most renowned of all are the Trontek 29ers!

No self- respecting orx would miss an opportunity for a fight – and they don’t care if it is on a battlefield or a slick modern sports arena – as long as there is violence they want in! This love of a good fight has spawned hundreds of teams of Greenskins across the various leagues and the Greenmoon Smackers are by far the most famous!

We have two more teams ready for launch – the Forge Fathers and Veer-myn – both with their own guile and tricks to allow them to compete and win. And with all the teams getting a selection of MVPs to pick from we believe Dreadball promises to be a big hit.

In all this excitement I wanted to assure all our KoW backers that we are working flat out on their units and regiments and Dreadball will not slow down the delivery of their armies.

Just a selection of the completed sculpts so far  – we can now add Fleabag Riders and Gargoyles to that list (pics are coming soon we promise!)

Finally, I obviously want us to launch DreadBall with as much momentum as we can, and as you all know we were blown away by the fantastic support we received for KoW via Kickstarter and generally in the community. I have outlined how the Kickstarter will help us improve the basic game, but Jake and James have so much more planned – in ‘Dreadball- Season 2’ Jake has further ideas to develop tournament play, he wants to include rules for coaches, cheerleaders, some MVP greats, even four more teams, including an all-female team – all of which we desperately want to get sculpted! He even has thoughts about “Xtreme” and “Ultimate” versions of the game (with something about multi-hex robots…).

Once more we are coming to our fans and supporters to help us get the game we know this can be. I realise many of your credit cards are still running hot from the KoW campaign, but even if you are not in a position to pledge we really hope you will join us on the site and spread the word – it promises to be a very fun journey. Those of you who can back us, we thank you, and as we keep knocking over the stretch goals you will get more great players, rules and sculpts – helping us deliver the game we want to launch.

Pop on over to the site – www.dreadball.com – and join us for the countdown. As a special thank you for our long- time supporters who back us in the early stages there are a limited number of early bird specials too.

OK, just 24 hours to kick off, enjoy the game…



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