The Crazy Christmas Bag has gone, well, Crazy in the last few days as many of you have dipped in and got yourself more than you bargained for. Well, we’ve really enjoyed reading all the great comments across the internet and thought we’d post a few here, just in case you were tempted by one!

Out of the BagOut of the bag – the Crazy Christmas Bag!

I am really happy with the contents of the bag (and the bag itself!), a great variety of minis I can use for roleplaying, and enough troop & command sprues to make up units for elves & undead for a small skirmish using the free KoW rules! I recommend the crazy christmas bag to anyone that is thinking of getting it – it is phenomenal value for money! – Nicholas Dodds, Mantic Forum

I just love this one! Mine included no less than an impressive 142 minis. Undead, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs were all in my bag. So while this is a gamble (mine for example included only 8 Orcs) – it’s also priced so nicely that I can only recomend it to everyone who wants minis from across the whole fantasy range – Intellectual Nerd, Mantic Review

it’s a great offer! – Arjan, Mantic Review

Holy hell it’s a lot of miniatures – KingNic on Warseer

Wow. This is so ordered. – HerpusDerpus on Reddit (posted by Matt Lee – thanks Matt!)

The Crazy Christmas Bag (as the name suggests) won’t around forever so if you fancy picking one up, you can find out more here. Don’t forget that there’s now just 2 days of European Shipping Left and less than a week to guarantee you’ll get your order in time for Christmas if you live in the UK.

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