DreadBall has been a dream project for us to work on – and the journey we’ve gone through together has been immense!

We’ve talked a bit about some of the shows we’re going to and some of the events we’re going to hold – today was our Mantic Open Day and the DreadBall demo tables were rammed.

Another event we’ll be attending is PAX in the US, hosted by the fantastic guys at Penny Arcade, and we’ll be bringing the iconic look of Gabe in DreadBall form as a limited edition Kickstarter MVP. Speaking of which, we’ve got Roberto Cirillo’s finalized design to show you!

When Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel died on the pitch, smashed into a uniform paste by the legendary Buzzkill, it was assumed to be the end of his career. When a jockstrap rich in genetic material was discovered, he became the first crowdfunded resurrection by cloning.

Jonathan “Gabe” Gabriel is available in the extras as a limited edition Kickstarter MVP – it will be available after the Kickstarter but will be incredibly difficult to get hold of so if you don’t want to miss him, you can add him onto your pledge for just $10.

PS – we’re now more than two thirds of the way to the Zees – let’s get that team!

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