Customer Service at Mantic

As a company that prides itself on it every growing, loyal and passionate community, customer service is something that we find incredibly important at Mantic. If we don’t support our customers, our customers do not support us. It’s that simple.


The web team hard at work getting orders out to you guys!

Currently we’ve got a bit of a backlog in despatching our mail orders due in part to the Christmas rush and the incredible response to our winter sale. We’re working really hard on getting all of these out as quickly as we can, and we’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We’ve had quite a few big releases over the last couple of months with Mars Attacks taking the world by storm. We’ve also shipped the first part of DreadBall Xtreme, Deadzone third wave Kickstarters and Mars Attacks which, as to be expected, has generated a much higher volume in customer service queries than we usually receive. As we enter 2015 we are doing everything we can to get back on track with customer service queries and make sure that we are supporting you the way you have supported us!


Customer King Dave and Luke are working hard to get customer service where is needs to be!

With this at the forefront of our agenda at the start of 2015, we have brought more man power into customer services. We have recruited Customer King Dave to bring an extra pair of hands into the mix as well as myself, who will also be digging into inboxes and helping to get things resolved for you ASAP. All of this on top of the great work Sarah has been doing should get the customer service train moving at full steam.


The customer service inbox!

Dave has begun working through all the missing items forms we have had and has been spending the majority of his time in the warehouse packing your missing bits! When not doing this he has been commenting and answering messages in the Kickstarter inboxes. Sarah has been working tirelessly to reply to everyone that has come through on her inbox, either new contact forms or existing conversations. Finally, I have been working on the Kickstarter inboxes as well as answering Facebook messages and new contact forms.

Would you like to volunteer and help Mantic get back on track with customer service, helping with missing items forms and answering Kickstarter message? If you do you will get a Mantic size goody bag of your choice!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at for more information

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