With the Malak’s Legion of Death army deal ending Sunday midnight, we just wanted to show-off the crazy paintjob that Russ has done for our Revenant Knight set (currently on their way to the lads at Beasts of War).

Click on the images below for a more detailed look:

Revenant Knights 1Revenant Knights 2These black knights of darkness not only look extremely powerful, but are also among the best looking figures in the range. It’s very easy to imagine hundreds of these warriors thundering down the flanks of Elven blocks and Dwarf regiments, Skeletons in the front, deathly wraiths supporting nearby as Zombie hordes shamble and Ghoul troops race across the battlefield… an epic battle that would surely deserve a place in history!

We think Russ has done a sterling job (and I’m sure many of you would agree!) and we’re really looking forward to see what he’ll next for us!

As always, drop us a comment below – let us know what you think! Remember, the sun sets of Malak on Sunday – don’t miss it.

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