Bit of a change of plan – in yesterday’s post I said I’d unbox the Resin Equipment Crates today, but – while they’re very lovely indeed – I’m afraid I haven’t had time! I’ve been too busy waving a camera around. I’ll get on it tomorrow instead!

On the plus side, here’s one of the fruits of today’s labours – the first episode of a new YouTube series! Say hello to Dave: painter, hobby nutter and all round lovely bloke. He’s going to be starring in a number of videos in the new year, each of which will focus on a different hobby tip or technique. Want to know how to build, covert and paint your models like a pro? This is the man to listen to. In this episode, Dave shows us how incredibly easy it is to bend plastic miniatures using hot water.

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As Dave said, leave your ideas for more videos in the comments below – we’ll be doing loads in 2014, and we’ll even be using a new high-def camera, too!

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