The pact between the Elves of the Alandar Mountains and the Majestic Dragons is older than many civilisations of the world. These noble creatures do not suffer themselves to serve lightly, and the relationship between the Dragon Kindred and their steeds is one of mutual respect. Rising on mighty pinions and able to breathe gouts of deadly fire at their foe, Dragons are rightly feared by all sentient creatures, and an Elf Lord riding one is as terrifying to his enemies as he is inspirational to his allies.

Elf Dragon Colour

Made of PVC plastic, the mighty Mantic Dragon stands 175mm tall on a 75mm square base. It features a head and neck unique to Kings of War; with a saddle sculpted around its neck meaning you can attach whatever rider you like.

The rider itself is made of metal and armed with a lance and shield. A mighty champion on the tabletop, this hero can lead your Elf army into battle. Elf Dragon Kindred Lord

Elf Armies

This army features a hardened core of Spearmen and Bowmen. As skilled with spear or bow, Elves are elite warriors – and the addition of a Lord on Dragon and some cavalry will turn this into a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop!


Download: Try before you play? Download the Kings of War Core Rules and Starter List for free here.

Participate: Let us know what you think about the Elf Kindred Lord on Dragon, and which army you’ll be playing in Kings of War in the comments.

Pre-order: The Elf Kindred Lord on Dragon is now available to pre-order from your local hobby store and the Mantic Webstore. It will begin shipping from the 23rd November.

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