Lots of you have been asking for scenery add-ons and the good news is that they are coming – later this week in fact! To get us in the mood, here’s a little piece on what you can expect from the new sprues…

Concepting a world

All of the Deadzone scenery has been 3D sculpted and will be made from injection moulded plastic. Ahead of the Kickstarter we had some 3D prints done, resin moulds made and some pieces cast so that we could build a gameboard for photography. And what a job Golem Painting Studio did for us…

As you can see, Golem have taken a number of Wall and Floor tiles and put together some very nice looking buildings.

Because this board was designed for photography, there’s lots of fairly open space, though when you’re playing Deadzone we imagine smaller buildings that are a bit more open so you can get your hands in – don’t forget that the buildings are fully compatible with all of the major sci-fi gaming systems and there’s nothing stopping you from building some truly monstrous creations!!

Deadzone games are designed to be claustrophobic with tight, twisting alleyways – in this picture, Jake Thornton takes Josh Roberts and James M. Hewitt through a pre-alpha version of the game to teach them the core mechanics.

You can see from the gameboard just how much variety there will be on the sprues – there are several different floor tile designs as well as walls with windows, no windows, door ways, cross sections plus ladders, railings and barricades – and that’s not all…

If you look carefully you can see two specially detailed connectors, either side of the doorway on the building on the right, on the skywalk and on the base of the tower – this is just one of the connector designs included on the sprue. It’s this innovative connector system that makes the building kits so versatile.

This digital mock-up of a sprue shows off some of the tile designs (not all of them!) – remember that this is just a mock-up of a sprue, contents and layout is still to be decided.

If you fancy your own Deadzone-specification gameboard, then with a pledge of Fleet Command and up we will build one for you!

These pledges are highly limited and includes us building and painting the 6 scenery sprues you currently get, though we are going to be adding more scenery sprues the further the campaign goes!

We’re looking forward to getting more pics and videos of the scenery out this week!

Deadzone – The sci-fi skirmish board game is being funded on Kickstarter – please pledge your support!

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