Back in February we had over 200 entries in a caption contest! All you had to do was give us the funniest caption to this image:

caption image

Some of you went for perhaps the more obvious entries…

Joshua Hamilton – Who let the dogs out!

… whilst others anticipated it:

Andrew Scholl – First one of you louts start sing’n ‘Who lets the Dogs out’ Gets Latrine Duty for a month!!

Sam Palmer went all out with his dog puns:

The Enforcer’s naively thought this mission was going to be a walk in the bark…

“I’m almost pawsitive we’re not going to make it out alive”

No time to paws, get shooting!

Is there a dentist in the vicinity? I have a problem with my canines…

It’s looking like today’s going to be a ‘woof’ day…

OMG ZERG RUSH! Kekekeke…oh wait, wrong franchise!

Some of you focused on the Medic checking out the time…

Joshua A. Hatch – Medic: “Uh, yeah, look at the time.. I’ve gotta game of Dreadball way over in Alpha Sector in like 2 minutes,.. you guys got this, right?…”

Frederik Lind – Medic: *Shrug *why did I choose an iWatch instead of a huge weapon?

These two caught our eye.

Robin Farndon – In hindsight, Sargent Medel regretted picking the easy guard duty of a shipment of prime rib.

David Wand – Everyone up to date with there mandatory Walking Dead tactical playbook? Tyreese? You ok?

But ultimately the winner…

“Damn it, Johnson, how did you not expect this; the map is marked ‘Viciousdogswithnoskin'”

“I thought it was Welsh”

Congratulations to Adam Duncan, you win a Limited Edition Hardback Deadzone Compendium signed by the Mantic Games team! We’ll be in touch 😀

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