Hey gang! At the Mantic Bunker we’re in a frenzy of Deadzone excitement as we’re going to be starting an office campaign in the next couple of weeks. It’s a definite perk of the job! We’re each getting our hands on a faction starter a little bit earlier than the release date, and we’re going to spend the next few weeks getting them assembled and painted ready to start some games in the new year. Awesome.

Curis tried to have all the models for himself. We didn't let him.

Curis was keen to have all the models for himself. We didn’t let him.

Yesterday, the time came to choose our factions, and of course I went with the Marauders, no thought required. These fearsome raiders are hands-down my favourite faction in Deadzone. As long as I’ve been a wargamer I’ve enjoyed greenskins, but the Warpath universe’s version is so much fun I just can’t resist them. They’re fierce warriors who balance feral prowess with discipline and training. They’re not savages, but they play up that aspect to lull their foes into underestimating them. They are intelligent and calculating, and they’re a real potential threat to the GCPS. For now, thankfully, they’re content to raid the space lanes, work illicit contracts for unscrupulous Corporations and build their strength, but there could easily come a time when that isn’t enough for them. There are so many hooks for stories and plots, and that would have sold the faction to me even without the models.

Oh. Oh wow.

…but then wow, the models. Just wow. 

I’m struggling to pick a favourite. The cool, calculating captain, surveying the battlefield? The sneaky Goblin sniper, lining up a shot? The Ripper Suits? The (sweet crikey) Ripper Suits?? It might be the Ripper Suits.

Yeah, it's almost certainly the ripper. (Explosion added to convey additional awesomeness.)

Yeah, definitely the Ripper Suits. (Explosion added to convey awesomeness.)

I really can’t wait to sink my teeth into this faction. Being the hobbyist that I am, there’s a good chance that once I’ve got a basic set painted up I’ll be tinkering with the vast array of spares that seems to always end up on my desk to create some conversions and kitbashes. It would be a shame to not document the process, so I’ve started a thread over at the Mantic Forum where you can keep up with what I’m doing! There are plenty of similar threads at the blog, full of people’s armies and projects; if you’ve got something you’d like to show off, why not start your own?  With Deadzone being available for pre-order, it’s only a matter of time before plenty more strike team projects are going to be cropping up!

I’ve asked the rest of the Mantic gang to drop me a few words every now and then about how their faction starters are going – and I’ll be roving around with a camera getting some work-in-progress shots. Expect to see some semi-sort-of-regular-ish updates here on the blog! In the meantime, I’m trying to decide on a colour scheme for my force. Any thoughts on what I should do? Get ’em in the comments!

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