Wow – what an opening day on the Deadzone Kickstarter!

We smashed our funding goal in a little over 30 mins, rocketing through 3 stretch goals and, barring a minor snag with the payment system earlier today, are closing in quickly on The Survivor:

The Survivor

The Survivor is the only known living thing to have survived being infected by The Plague and the Containment Protocol.

The stretch goals we’ve achieved have allowed us to tool 2 new designs of scenery (including an accessory sprue) as well as create 4 Deadzone Specialist and 4 types of Faction Support.

Deadzone Specialists


Enforcer Engineer, Marauder in Ripper Armour, 2nd Gen Plague and Rebs Grogan with Desolator.

Deadzone Faction Support


Enforcer Sentry Guns, Plague Hounds, Marauder Mawbeast Bombers and Rebs Drone

Let us know what you think of all the new models in the comments!

The Deadzone Kickstarter is now live – please pledge your support!

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