The Deadzone Kickstarter has reached half a million dollars… simply a mindblowing amount in the time frame!

So to recap, that’s now:

– A fifth free faction of your choice added to a pledge of Strike Team and up!
– The Asterian Faction Starter locked in!
– The Forge Father Faction Starter locked in!
– Digital rules for the two new factions added to your pledge!

Thank you so much!

The Expanded Universe Bundle is the best way to get the two new factions, saving $20 off adding them individually.

$510,000 – BattleZone Upgrade: +1 Buildings Sprue

If we hit this goal we will add 1 additional Building Sprue to each BattleZone FOR FREE.

Currently the BattleZones are at 3 Building Sprues and 1 Connector Sprue. Hitting this stretch goal will change that to 4 Buildings Sprues and 1 Connector Sprue, adding the equivalent of 6 tiles into each set. We will make sure that the Connector Sprue is resized to give you enough connectors for the extra tiles.

All future BattleZones will get this starting number of sprues as standard.

So, what does that mean for our scenery pledge levels and add-ons?

Only-click Urban Battlefield ($100 + early bird):
PLUS 4 additional Building Sprues – approximately 24 Tiles

Only-click Urban Wargames Table ($285 + early bird):
PLUS 12 additional Building Sprues – approximately 72 Tiles

Urban Fight ($25) Scenery Add-on:
PLUS 1 additional Building Sprue – approximately 6 tiles

Urban Skirmish ($50) Scenery Add-on:
PLUS 2 additional Building Sprues – approximately 12 tiles

Urban Battle ($95) Scenery Add-on:
PLUS 4 additional Building Sprues – approximately 24 Tiles

Urban War ($185) Scenery Add-on:
PLUS 8 additional Building Sprues – approximately 48 Tiles

$520,000 – FREE Doctor Gayle Simmonds

One of the stars in the lead up to our Kickstarter launching, Doctor Simmonds unfortunately met an untimely end as the Plague outbreak just got too much for her…

Doctor Simmonds was one of the genius minds on Nexus Psi, stationed as both an archaeologist and biotechnician.

By the time the Containment Protocol was ordered and the Enforcers landed, Simmonds had already lost her team to the mutant beasts roaming the streets. Having received basic training by the security teams on board her ship during spaceflight, Gayle managed to preserve her life a little better than the others – but it was only a matter of time before the Plague caught up with her.

Defiant in the clutches of a rabid second generation, her body succumbed to the mutant virus, warping far faster than any other victim previous. She eventually awoke from the turmoil, her need for knowledge greatly exaggerated, a base desire to cause pain greatly inflamed.

With vengeance on her mind, Simmonds vowed to destroy those that had left her to this fate.

If we hit this goal we will be able to sculpt and tool Doctor Gayle Simmonds, a brand new special character for the Plague – and include her free with pledges of Recon ($100 + Early Bird) and up*

Not only that but such is her importance to the Nexus Psi story that Jake will centre one of the scenarios around Simmonds, as the Enforcers will need to quickly end her life if they are to escape her thirst for blood!

* Not including the scenery only pledges.

$525,000 – FREE Deadzone Short-Story Compilation

Enriching the Warpath universe was one of the key motivations behind Deadzone and, if we hit this goal, you’ll allow us to delve further into the background as we will write a short story compilation written by the likes of esteemed authors Guy Haley, Alessio Cavatore, Jake Thornton PLUS special guests.

This epic new compilation will feature all-new explosive stories between the warring factions and special characters both new and old.

If we hit this goal, we will add a FREE digital copy of the Deadzone Short Story Compilation with every pledge on the Deadzone Kickstarter.

There you go guys, let us know what you think in the comments. Let’s get these goals hit!

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