Many of you have been clamoring for scenery add-ons and a scenery-only pledge level. Well, we’ll be bringing them to you at 5pm BST/ 8am PST/ 11am EST on Wednesday 8th May – please spread the word!

Some of you have asked how many sprues it would require to build the building in the video. This assembly uses a couple of pieces from across the 3 different types of sprue, namely 3 floor tiles, 4 Half Tiles, 3 Barricades plus connectors – it doesn’t use any of the wall tiles or cross sections however!

New Stretch Goal!

To celebrate the impending launch of the scenery add-ons, we’re giving away a scenery sprue!

$375,000 – Scenery Sprue

If we hit this goal we will include one of our fantastic Building Sprues into all pledges of Recon ($100) and up!

Here’s a blueprint of the scenery tile designs you’re already getting! Though there’s nothing to say more aren’t coming 😉

This Building Sprue will give you an extra 6 tiles and means that you’ll be getting a total of 5 sprues in Recon (4 Building Sprues + 1 Accessory Sprue) and 7 at Strike Team (6 Building Sprues + 1 Accessory Sprue) plus all of the connectors you need to assemble your buildings!

Whether you’re playing Deadzone or any other sci-fi game, these kits are perfect for filling your game table!

Deadzone – The sci-fi skirmish board game is being funded on Kickstarter – please pledge your support!

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