First up – Deadzone is now shipping! That means you should expect to see the full range in stores very soon, and if you’ve pre-ordered anything it will be turning up on your doorstep before long. Very exciting – and now the path is clear for the second wave of pre-orders! Hope you’re as excited as we are. 

Anyway, on with the post! A short while ago, I went to see the Beasts of War guys and filmed a demo game against Warren (whose dice rolling was as hilariously ruinous as ever). Well, he enjoyed it so much that he insisted I show him more – and who was I to argue?

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In this video, we go through everything that we didn’t cover in the demo game – i.e. picking a force, setting up the board, and choosing your mission. Warren stuck with his precious Enforcers, giving me the Plague to play with, and we’re going to film a proper follow-up using the Strike Teams we selected. We’ll also be using the terrain piece we built in another video (which will be out next week), so you’ll really be able to chart our journey into Deadzone. I’ll admit I hadn’t played the full game at all before we started filming this series (I played several iterations of the rules during testing, but not the final version!) but I’m now hooked – I might even get my Marauders finished…

Check the video out below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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