Following in the footsteps of Pathfinder Chris, Pathfinder Rob (T) has stepped up to give us some tactical advice for Deadzone. Read on, and discover how you can get the most out of your Enforcers… 

Deadzone terrain set

Tip one: standing on top of the terrain might not always be the most sensible option…

When discussing the tactics of the Enforcers the best place to start is with the mission cards, as knowing what could be asked of you is paramount to building your force. Especially as Deadzone, unlike some other games, is more focused on completing missions than just playing until you have wiped out your opponent. So the eight mission cards consist of 4 “take and hold” missions, 2 “kill” missions, 1 “survive” mission and 1 “get past your opponent” mission. You’ll notice a definite focus on pushing forwards, so that means you cannot afford to sit back and wait for the enemy to come to you. That’s the first lesson most Enforcer players need to learn if they’re going to be successful!

Let’s move on to force selection. Looking at the 14 options currently available to the enforcers, there are a lot of specialist troopers (seven in total) so getting the right balance of them is critical. This is especially true when you consider the fact that you have the most expensive Troopers in the game, meaning your force will be small and specialised. (Basic Enforcers are pricey for a reason, mind – they’re good at shooting, with two points of armour and the Discipline ability, so they’re better than a lot of Specialists in other factions.)

The first option that you will face will be which Leader to take.  First up there is the Peacekeeper Captain who, at 29 points, is the price of three basic troopers and means that you will be sacrificing at least one additional team member to accommodate him. On the flip side he is hard to kill, with a high Survive stat, and good in combat, with decent Shoot and Fight stats. As an additional bonus, the Firestorm ability and a 3-3 Command stat means he could easily make up for that missing trooper, so he’s definitely one to consider. Your other Leader option is the Sergeant, who – at around half the points cost – is in my opinion the better option. He is effectively a slightly more expensive Assault Enforcer, able to fulfil the same role on the battlefield while leading your force.

The Enforcer Captain is a beast, but can you afford him?

The Enforcer Captain is a beast, but make sure you can afford him!

A key tactic with Enforcers is to load up on Blaze Away opportunities. I have probably managed to kill just as many enemy models this way as I have with normal shoot actions, and it has the benefit of impeding their movement if they survive. The faction excels at this because of the Weight of Fire ability on their standard Troopers, so you should capitalise on this and make pinning or suppressing your opponent’s troops should be your primary goal. You can use the cover of your Blaze Away actions to run your assault troopers up close and move them in for the kill. Remember: fire and move, and advance towards your objectives.

The Enforcer Engineer deserves a special mention. If used properly he can make a massive difference, especially if he is equipped with two sentry guns. You’re usually going to be outnumbered by your opponent, but if you deploy these sensible you can make your opponent think twice about flanking or surrounding you unless they want to face a barrage of automatic fire.

To sum up: know your missions and select a force capable of completing them. This is true for all factions, but with Enforcers it’s vital that you do so – after all, in a small force each choice you make counts. Play to your strengths; in the case of the Enforcers this means pinning your enemy and advancing forward. Select the right commander for the job, as this will make the rest of your force more effective.

Finally, one additional point: none of your men are expendable, especially in campaigns. Position them carefully to take advantage of the terrain, watch out for enemies on your flank, and always pin your enemy down with suppressing fire before you try running across open ground!

Thanks Rob! If anyone else has got some tips for playing as the Enforcers, why not put them in the comments below? 

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