Since the Deadzone Kickstarter began, a lot of people have wanted to know more details about the terrain sprues – what’s on them, how many buildings can be made, and so on. Well, we’ve just received final confirmation of the Core Worlds sprue contents, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Yes, it turns out the sprues are even bigger than we thought they would be! In our original plan, each sprue was going to be big enough to hold six terrain tiles – that meant that if we wanted to include barricades, walkways, or other extras they would take up the space of one or more of those tiles. However, the clever folk who have been working on the design have come up with an even better idea: each sprue will now be big enough to hold eight terrain tiles! That means each sprue in the Core Worlds Battlezone gives you six tiles (or five tiles and two half-tiles) and also features plenty of extras like the barricades, supports and walkways shown above.

With the additional sprue that was unlocked at the last stretch goal, the plan is for a Core Worlds Battlezone to include two of each of these sprues plus a connector sprue. We’ll be putting up more shots of terrain sprues once we have them, and over the next few days we will be releasing some images of different ways you can put your Core Worlds buildings together.

If you like the look of this modular terrain, head over to the Deadzone Kickstarter – even if you don’t want a copy of the game, you can pick up the One-Click Urban Battlefield for $100 (four Battlezones plus two accessory sprues) or the One-Click Urban Wargames Table for $285 (12 Battlezones plus six accessory sprues).

So what do you think of the contents of the sprue? What are you hoping to see next? Drop us some comments below!

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