As you might have seen around the internet, we’ve started receiving Deadzone products in the warehouse – ooh, it’s exciting! Everything’s starting to come together. Yesterday we got a shipment of Deadzone mats (the boxes were stacked so high we nearly lost Lucia, one of our warehouse team!) and we couldn’t resist laying a few out to see how they look as a 6’x4′ gaming area…

That's six 2'x2' Deadzone mats with a DreadBall Ultimate box and a Battlefoam Mantic Bag for scale!

That’s six 2’x2′ Deadzone mats with a DreadBall Ultimate box and a Battlefoam Mantic Bag for scale! (See our Twitter account for an alternate scale system.)

Of course, this is designed with huge games of Deadzone in mind, but looking at this it’s really easy to imagine using this surface to play a full wargame like Warpath! The rubber backing on these mats will mean that they won’t slide around during a game, even if someone knocks the table mid-game. Ideal! One of these mats comes as standard in the Deadzone game box, which – as you’ll no doubt already know – is now available to pre-order from the Mantic shop!

Miniatures Ahoy!

We’ve also now started to receive the miniatures that will be going into the boxed game and the Faction Starter sets. The models in all of our photos are production masters, so we thought people would appreciate seeing what the actual models in their boxes will look like!

Assembled Deadzone production miniatures

Assembled Deadzone production miniatures

Click the photo for a closer look if you’d like! We’ve assembled these and done a small amount of cleaning to get rid of flash and mould lines, and the five models on the left of the picture have been given a coat of grey primer to show the detail better. The three on the right have been left in their original colour so you can compare the two!

Unassembled Deadzone components

Unassembled Deadzone components

We also thought people would like to see what the components look like straight out of the bag. If you cast your mind back to my DreadBall Ultimate unboxing article, I spoke about the improvements in our “restic” / sprueless plastic material. Well, these miniatures are better than ever! Hardly any mould lines, and the detail is crisp and very well-defined. The Marauders are my personal favourites (there was never going to be any doubt in that regard) but they’re all looking simply splendid.

This is getting me really excited about getting my own copy of Deadzone, tearing off the wrapper and getting stuck in. (Who knows? I might even get it painted!) Hope you’re similarly inspired – why not let us know what you think in the comments section?

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