Welcome to Deadzone Week! We’re going to be showing you as much Deadzone goodness as we can this week, starting with a look at the Enforcers. Stay tuned for a look at the Plague tomorrow!

The Enforcer faction starter

The Enforcer faction starter – available for pre-order now!

Enforcers are the most elite troopers mankind has to offer. A special task force outside the standing military, they are the Council of Seven’s personal army and they take their orders directly from the top. They have the best equipment money can buy, and are able to adapt their loadout to suit any mission that is presented to them. A Deadzone player who chooses this faction is presented with a plethora of options to tailor their force, and will be able to take on any situation.

The basic Faction Starter contains many of these choices, including heavy weapons such as the Burst Laser and Missile Launcher, and troop types such as the Enforcer Sniper or the Assault trooper, armed with a deadly Wristblade. Couple that with their jump packs and you’ve a highly mobile force with lots of firepower at their disposal.

Perhaps most interesting is the Engineer which can deploy remote Sentry Guns to assist the strike team when facing overwhelming numbers – but it’s not just useful in game, it’s also a fantastic miniature! The Deadzone miniatures have got some great characterful pieces, and this is just one of them. The Faction Starter also contains a hint of things to come with an Enforcer Captain in Peacekeeper armour. These lumbering suits have the best Survival stat of any Enforcer unit, and that’s saying something. Add in the Dominator Rifle and Wristblade and you have a very effective, diverse unit type.

If you’re the kind of player that likes being prepared for any situation, then the Enforcers are your faction – and some of the most beautiful hard sci-fi miniatures around.

In The Shadows…

The Enforcers aren’t going into the Deadzone alone. Long before they even arrived, Recon Unit N32-19 was dispatched to confirm the existence of a Plague outbreak on Nexus Psi. Recon troopers are lone warriors, resourceful scouts who usually operate for months on end without resupply or backup. When N32-19 locked onto the Prime Vector – the first Stage 1A to be infected – he made it his mission to track it down and tag it for disposal by the Strike Teams. Unfortunately, not everything went to plan…

Gripping his weapon, his finger itching on the trigger, N32-19 breathed heavily, his back pressed against some low-lying rubble.

The Enforcer Pathfinder shifted slightly, reaching for his belt and unstrapping a metallic sphere. As he tossed it into the air a red glow burst from the Drone’s eye, and it came to life with a thrum of activating repulsors. A ping in his earpiece registered another live feed being added to his vid-link, but it was no help. 

He had eyes everywhere and still he couldn’t see where the beast had gone.

He’d been on the trail of the Prime Vector for days, even managing to unleash a salvo from his tag rifle into the colossal beast. He’d tagged it alright, but it had known – by the Seven, it wasn’t stupid – and somehow it had confounded the best tracking systems the GCPS could offer. He’d been forced to follow its trail the old fashioned way, but all the while he’d had a lingering suspicion that it was just leading him on, luring him into a trap. 

Now he was cornered in Nicorasi, and he knew he should have listened to his hunch… 


Make sure you check back tomorrow – in the meantime, let us know what you think of the Enforcers in the comments below!

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