Welcome back to Deadzone Week! Yesterday we took a look at the Enforcers, which are a great faction for players who want a tactical, flexible force with a multitude of options. If, on the other hand, you like to be the one with the snarling, bestial mutant types, then the Plague are perhaps more your kind of thing…

Plague Faction Starter - now available to pre-order!

Plague Faction Starter – now available to pre-order!

The Plague is a virus left on planets beyond humanity’s reach by goodness only knows who. All the Corporation know is that when a team of explorers or scientists discover one of these artefacts, all hell breaks loose and they must contain the situation. If they don’t and the Plague breaks through to the Co-prosperity Sphere, mankind is under threat of extinction. The first human being to be infected by The Plague becomes known as a Stage 1a, a brutal hulk of a fighter. It has a multitude of special rules which, when combined with its deadly Talons, give it a serious punch. From the Stage 1, the Plague spreads to its victims, creating the 2a and finally the stage 3 Plague. The former of these are mindless monstrosities and are obscenely violent. They sprint across the battlefield, charging headlong into battle, tearing flesh from bone and limb from limb. The Stage 3 plague is a stark contrast; the 3As retain enough of their minds to be able to operate machinery and weaponry, like rifles, light machineguns and even grenade launchers, making them deadly at range.

Deadzone players who want a highly aggressive force that relies on speed and close-quarters brutality are sure to love the Plague faction. While they are more limited in unit types than, say, the Enforcers, they have the advantage of numbers. The Stage 3s are easier to kill, sure, but every shot fired at them is one that isn’t aimed at one of the more dangerous Stage 1 or 2 creatures, meaning your opponent has to pick his targets carefully.


The lesser Plague are mostly driven by the need to propagate their contagion, but among the Stage 3 infected there are some stand-out individuals that have retained their intellect, despite the debilitating physical and psychological effects of the Plague. On Nexus Psi, this led to the creation of one of the Corporation’s deadliest enemies. Gayle Simmonds was a highly esteemed biologist, a leader in her field and part of an Exploration / Retrieval team on Nexus Psi. Made up of scientists, xenologists and archaeologists, these teams were charged with cataloguing newly colonised planets and studying anything interesting that was found. Her team, Exp/Ret Six-Alpha, was the one that uncovered the Plague Artefact and began the horror that followed. Simmonds escaped infection and became the de facto leader of her group of survivors, fortifying a colony outpost and organising a defence. They held the line for days, dealing with dwindling resources, ammo shortages and shortening tempers as the Plague threw themselves against the walls. All the while they waited for help, but they received no response from Corporation Central beyond an acknowledgement that their mayday had been received. Eventually, the defences fell.

Simmonds thought it was the end, but she was wrong.

The Plague took her in, changed her, brought her a new purpose. It gave her succour where the Corporation had abandoned her, and it showed her that she had a new duty. As mutation wracked her body and tortured her mind, she achieved a clarity of purpose unlike any she had known before. The Council of Seven would burn, and she would be the one that lit the pyre…


We’ll be showing you more Deadzone goodness tomorrow – don’t forget you can pre-order now and get your hands on a limited edition Survivor miniature!

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