There’s nothing more that Mantic likes to do on a Friday night than sit down and put a good film on (well, playing Kings of War, playtesting Warpath and/or doing any of the above armed with a can of our favourite beverage also rank as some of our favourite Friday night things to do).

With our new Undead Hub going live and new Undead up for pre-order, last night we decided to watch the Mummy, and couldn’t resist knocking together a skeleton army for a new desert-themed army – here’s a sample!

Skeleton---Mummy-styleWe’re sure Imhotep is jealous he didn’t have these guys

to help him out

We know there are loads of you out there making Mantic Undead armies and we’ve seen more than one desert-themed army, so why not show us a sample like the image above on our Facebook page (don’t forget to tag the image as Mantic Games!) and maybe we’ll show them off on the website!

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