So the results are in and we can now announce the winner of the Dakka Dakka competition…


We set the challenge of naming the ranged attack unit choice – formerly known as thunder rippers – in our Abyssal Dwarf range in exchange for a £50 Abyssal Dwarf Army Set containing 20 Black Souls, 10 Thunder Rippers, 10 Immortal Guard and 1 Katsuchan Rocket Launcher. Well, goodbye Thunder Rippers, hello…



Whilst there were one or two entries of the same name, our congratulations must go to the mysterious bbb, who successfully posted there suggestion first in the thread and wins an Abyssal Dwarf Army Set, including a unit of Decimators.

Well done bbb!

To celebrate on our end, we’ve now put the Decimators up for pre-order to be released on the 25th February – though of course you can get your hands on some early if you can get your hands on one of our fantastic Abyssal Dwarf Army Deals before they disappear!

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