Much as its citizens believe otherwise, the GCPS only occupies a tiny corner of the galaxy. As the realm of man expands it comes into contact with more forms of alien life, but for every race it encounters there are thousands more beyond the reach of its exploration ships. However, even given another thousand years of expansion, they would never find the Elder Worlds of the Tsudoshans, for they have gone undiscovered by outsiders for millennia. They sit at the fringe of habitable space, looking out into the endless darkness of the true void; why they are there is a mystery to all but a few of their kind. Although the Elder Worlds are their ancestral home, the Tsudoshans themselves have been encountered throughout the galaxy. This is mainly thanks to their Wanderers, a monastic order of travellers who roam the stars in search of cultures that might be convinced to follow the Path of the Galactic Truth. They prefer to preach to less advanced peoples who mistake their technological wizardry for divine miracle, but are more than willing to take the longer path with more advance civilisations. Wanderers have been abroad in the GCPS for some time now, mixing with all walks of life, so it is no surprise that they can be found on the underground DreadBall circuit, mystifying crowds as they seem to bend the very laws that govern the universe…


Abilities and skills – Cybernetically-enhanced telekinesis.

Tsudochan players have the ability to move other players and the scenery around – meaning you can slam crates into opposing players and vice versa!

The Tsudochan are unlocked tomorrow on the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter without a stretch goal. They will be available in Rampage as your choice of bonus Season 6 team – and Frenzy, of course, gets a full maxed team of 16!

Kickstarter Update

This weekend the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter is preparing itself for one last weekend of massive uncontrollable frenzy action – before heading off into the sunset forever. And it would not be a Mantic Kickstarter if we didn’t plan to make it the most extreme Xtreme ever!

As always the funds we raise go directly into making the games we produce bigger and better than they otherwise would be. The support we receive from backers – be they seasoned veterans of all our campaigns, or new backers who have never before tried a miniatures game – makes a huge difference to the final range, and every bit really does help.

So far in this Kickstarter backers have funded the Xtreme core game and 10 new teams (all the models are fully compatible with both DreadBall and DreadBall Xtreme).

Plus 2 complete expansions, an interesting range of MVPs, several new giants and a heap of exclusive extras have also been funded.

As always for those that back a Kickstarter there is a pretty sweet deal in it for you too – after all it is your money that makes the whole range happen 😉

This weekend will be the last chance to back the project, it ends Sunday evening so you’ll need to act quick to get on board. You get everything you need in the Rampage pledge (and more – just because you’ll want it).

Have a look at all of this…


The DreadBall Kickstarter finishes Sunday 16th March (GMT).

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