Plans for the Open Day continue apace as we set about bettering the Warpath Launch Party. Today we’re going to talk about one of the more unusual activities we’ll be running – the Warpath V1.5 Beta Playtest.

Both of our core games are going through 3 years of continued improvement and iteration before launching them as a complete gaming system. Kings of War for instance has gone through several iterations of rules changes and army list balancing before the big Hardback book is released in June, a culmination of everyone’s efforts and community feedback.

Warpath is approaching its second iteration which will be released later in the year, and we’re going to be playtesting the proposed changes to the game at the Open Day.

This includes a new objective mechanic as well as Army List balances and changes to some of the areas you’ve highlighted through your feedback in threads on Beasts of War, Warseer and of course, our own forum. We read as much of the feedback as possible, and the Warpath Playtest event is your chance to see what’s happened with it.

We’ll be gauging people’s reactions and we’re looking for more feedback to make Warpath V2 an even higher quality game on launch.


Participation to the Warpath Playtest is free with your Open Day ticket and all you have to do is let me know that you want to participate at Once they’ve been finalised by Alessio, we’ll be dishing out the rules to those who’ve booked their tickets and confirmed their interest. The results of this feedback will make it into the book which you’ll all get to see later in the year!

The Open Day is held on the 5th May at Mongoose Publishing. Tickets are now available for a special launch price of just £5. Every Entrant will receive a free goodie bag more than making the cost of the ticket back.

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