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There’s loads of great DreadBall hobby going on in the community, and in this blog I’m going to talk a little about the DreadBall Fanatics…

Who are the DreadBall Fanatics?

The DreadBall Fanatics is an unofficial fan group for DreadBall, where users can post questions on rules, share pictures, conversions, paint jobs, news, tactics, and anything else related to DreadBall.

The group has over 1800 members from across the world showcasing their hobby. Here’s just a sample:

Michael Carter recently ran the NADC – NashCorp Cup where the prize is the coveted Blaine trophy.


Want to win one? Check out upcoming North American DreadBall Circuit events, and UK DreadBall Regionals and Kings of War events.

Running an event and want support? Contact for US events and for everywhere else.

Barricade, DreadBall Giant MVP by Paul Asterley

In celebration of the Open Day, Paul Asterley painted up this fantastic Barricade miniature in a hot red.


Looks great!

Light-up DreadBall Table?

Oh go on then!


And Eugene Kenney has been active showing off not only his bonkers DreadBall Xtreme pitch set-up…


… but the (Ultimate)Quarter 2 for the Arizona Dreadball Cactus League.


He capped that by congratulating the “Lucky” Ladies coached by Susan, the winners of the Quarter 2 Finals.

Send an email to if you want to show off your Mantic hobby here.

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