The warehouse is currently alive with the sound of countless miniatures being packed into boxes – DreadBall Season 3 has been incredibly popular, so loads of the office gang have headed downstairs to make sure everything leaves on time! It’s a massive job, but these guys are dedicated to making sure it all goes smoothly.

As ever, Ronnie's unafraid to muck in and pack boxes. That's why we love him!

As ever, Ronnie’s happy to muck in and pack boxes. That’s why we love him!

However, despite their best efforts, there’s currently a slight delay in non-DreadBall orders. If you’ve ordered something through the webstore since the weekend, it should still ship within the next week, but won’t be leaving us until DreadBall’s finished. We do apologise for this, but an operation of this scale deserves our full attention. We hope you understand! If you need something urgently (for example, for an event at the end of this week) drop a comment below and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for your patience!


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