The ultimate test of skill and tactics for any major-league coach, the colossal stadiums of Ultimate DreadBall reverberates with the screams and cheers of millions of fans. Hulking mechs and monstrous aliens are thrown onto the huge pitches to play ball and teams from all over the galaxy clamour to compete in the hope of winning the competition’s considerable prize.

Season 3 – DreadBall goes Ultimate!

Ultimate DreadBall is the second expansion to the core ruleset. In short – it’s more teams and more MVPs, rules for bigger arenas, 4 player options and Multi-hex giant Robots of awesomeness! Check out Jake’s fantastic post over on Quirkworthy for more details!

When we started this kickstarter creating Ultimate DreadBall seemed impossible – now it is within touching distance! With your help it’s going to happen!

At $500,000 – the Ultimate DreadBall Ruleset and Board become a reality. We’ll chain Jake to his desk and get him to create the most advanced set of rules to challenge even the best coaches in the game.

If we reach this stretch goal we will be able to produce the DreadBall Ultimate Expansion Rulebook – and give you a digital copy in every pledge level!

Not only that, but we will be able to create a new DreadBall Ultimate pitch – a large mounted game board with brand new art – so you can play with 2 teams per side – or the ultimate 4 player game experience. Playtests will dictate the look, but we need the space for some multi-hex beasties and multiplayer games so it’s going to be big! This will go up in the Extras ready for you to add to your pledge.

BUT – we’re still not finished!

Back when we passed through the £380,000 stretch goal, we slept too long (shame on us!) and the stretch goal between Nightshade and Helder was bigger than normal. If we pass $500,000 the next few stretches will be to fund some multi-hex beasts and giant robots – originally all of these were planned as add-ons in the extras section.

To celebrate the $500,000 milestone (and rectify the ‘missing’ stretch goal) you’ll each be able to select one of the multi-hex beasties – and add it for free to a pledge of Striker! and up.

To make this happen however, we’re going to need a couple of BIG things …

DreadBall Mech – coming to a stretch goal soon!

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