On Friday we reported that yes, DreadBall – The Futuristics Sports Game is out of stock!

Back in the early days we funded DreadBall on Kickstarter, where only half of the first print run went to backers, and the rest went to our retailers. Since then we’re reprinted the game three further times, as well as introduced the Kick-off variant as well.

Well, now the fourth print run of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game has ran out, closely followed by DreadBall Ultimate and some of the other bits in the range.

But never fear – the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport will be returning this summer.

In July, to celebrate the fifth print run of this iconic game we are creating an all-new Limited Edition Azure Forest DreadBall game set!


Featuring an all-new Limited Edition Azure Forest Gaming Pitch, as well as A’teo Adyssi MVP, the new Limited Edition DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game also comes with the Azure Forest Rulebook, featuring new expansion rules for your DreadBall games and League Rules, Azure Forest Gaming Cards, two teams of 10 players, RefBot, Balls, Clear Plastic Hex Bases, Season 1 Rulebook, Roster Pad, 18 coloured dice, 54 Gaming Cards and special edition box with a foil cover.


The Azure Forest Limited Board is based on this great design from FF Fields.

More imagery will be coming this week but what’s more is that this set is ONLY available in STRICTLY limited quantities. Pre-order now on the Mantic Games Website and we will also include two FREE MVPs randomly into your order!

Finally look out for our Ultimate Limited Edition Bundle on the website that includes a copy of the Special Edition DreadBall Azure Forest game box, Season 2 Rulebook and DreadBall Ultimate, which includes the Season 3 rulebook, rubber multiplayer mat and 4 DreadBall Giants, plus all the cards and counters you need to play, PLUS a free Dozer Giant MVP as well!!

A sixth print of DreadBall will be coming later this year as well, back to the standard specification as we all know and love it for. The only difference will be that we’ll take the “Deluxe” off the front of the box, because we know that confused a few people.

Don’t forget that all orders over £15, €17.50, $25   also get a free Battlezones Accessory Sprue!

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