The DreadBall Kickstarter is finishing soon! – don’t miss it!

Wow – that is Veer-myn alternate sculpts and prone marker locked in! Great work guys!

As we posted earlier, we’re moving into big stuff territory…

$500,000 – Season 3: DreadBall Ultimate Rulebook and Pitch

Season 3: DreadBall Ultimate is an expansion to the core game and part of our commitment to support DreadBall as a gaming system. DreadBall is the beating heart of the series, and with Ultimate you will be able to play multi-team games, put big models on the pitch and you’ll get access to four new teams and a characterful cast of MVPs with which to use with your regular games as well as when you, your mates or even your club huddle around a big Ultimate board and play for honours – and challenge each other as to who is the best!

Brand new DreadBall art – let us know what you think in the comments!

If we hit this goal, we will be able to include a digital copy of the Season 3 rules in every pledge level, giving everyone access to the new teams and MVPs, as well as the rules for multi-hex robots, beasties, multiplayer games and variant pitches – a whole host of cool new content to expand your DreadBall experience!

If funded, we’ll also be able to create a new Ultimate pitch with brand new art. This will be a large mounted game board so you can play with 2 teams per side for the ultimate 4 player game experience. Playtests will dictate the look, but we need the space for some multi-hex beasties and multiplayer games so it’s going to be big! This will go up in the Extras ready for you to add to your pledge.

In addition, to celebrate the $500,000 milestone (and rectify the ‘missing’ stretch goal) you’ll each be able to select one of the multi-hex beasties – and add it for free to a pledge of Striker! and up.

To make this happen however, we’re going to need a couple of BIG things for you to choose from…

DreadBall Mech – coming to a stretch goal soon!

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