DreadBall has really gripped the office, with our little Monday night league reaching a nice number of regular players, with more and more people asking if they can come along.


Curis enjoys a suitable pre-match Mancunian meal. Jealous Dave?

I’ve finally cracked and bought my Nameless Team (and 2 x John Does and 2 x Nameless Spawns to convert into the team) and I’m very tempted by the Azure Forest Pack…

I had a lot of fun with the rules for A’teo when I playtested him (then again, I was playing Forge Fathers, so anything that could move quickly, stand up and generally get by other players without having to knock them out the way was a blessing) and the weather system is a really cool addition to the game. The variable conditions make for sure very interesting situations, and the extra actions are neat too.

Mind your footing when the rain starts!

It never rains but it pours

The take-up on this set left us with that tingly feeling that there is an awful lot of love for DreadBall at the moment – and we hope that’ll only increase over the next few weeks…

The warehouse guys and gals are busy shipping out as many as they can a day, and what we can’t wait to hear what you think on the set. Drop us a comment below when you get yours.

The Galactic Tour Series: Azure Forect pack is now shipping alongside the Season 3 Team Boosters and MVP All-star packs.

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