The DreadBall Season 4 rulebook is now available to pledge for on Kickstarter!


Including rules for customizing your teams with bionics and mutations, DreadBall Season 4 introduces four new teams to the Futuristic Sports Game and a crop of new and characterful MVPs!

You can pledge directly for the book with a pledge of REFEREE (includes shipping to UK and US), or add it on to an existing pledge via the add-ons for $10.

Jen (on the left) makes regular appearances at DreadBall tournaments

Season 4 introduces the Convicts, Asterian Kalyshi, Mechanites and the Kovossian Mutants to DreadBall!

There’s also a Mantic Digital version available for $8.

The DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter is currently funding and finishes on the March 16th – we recommend a pledge of Rampage.

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