What do you look forward to in a new Season book?

Is it the four new teams? The new rules that expand the amount of different gameplay options?

Or is it the new crop of characterful MVPs that add unique abilities and skills to your team?

All of the MVPs in Season Five are Guards, each adding some extra muscle to proceedings. Let’s meet the first two.

Brickbat’ Vognar –

Not many DreadBall players get given a second chance. Even fewer get a third. But then Brickbat Vognar is no ordinary player. He didn’t get that nickname for no reason after all.

Uzud Vognar used to be a true DreadBall hero. He gave up a life of piracy among the Marauder fleets, accepting the DGB’s offer of amnesty to join their first wave of Orc players, and was rostered on with the Mazon Manglers. He had a promising career as a Guard ahead of him, but that all changed when he fouled Yurik “The Painmaster” Yurikson. Yurikson’s retaliation almost a year later triggered a chain of events that spiralled out of control and culminated in Vognar receiving a lifetime ban from the sport.

But this is the new, Xtreme-flavoured DGB, and they figured that they needed a little bit of that old Brickbat controversy to really stir the pot! In his time away, Vognar has learned several new tricks, and is quite happy to make his living as a Free Agent, moving from one team to another, no longer really bothered wo he works for as long as he gets to play.



Her kind used to be the keepers of their civilisation, teaching, nurturing and using their wisdom to guide the Kalyshi on their own path. Nobody is quite sure why Kailasa chose to leave all that behind and play DreadBall instead, but with the displays that she puts on, neither the fans nor the DGB are complaining. The players who have to face her however…

Kailasa is an exciting player in that one of her special rules is Backstab, making her adept at causing maximum damage to vulnerable areas. Ouch!

What backstab means is that if Kailasa slams an opposing player that doesn’t project a threat on her, then she adds an extra dice to the slam. Couple that with a the extra dice she might receive for a run-up and for being a guard, plus movement 5 and a strength of 4, and she’s going to be really dishing out the pain!

Let us know what you think of the MVPs and the figures in the comments.

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