I’ve always said since I started that I loved Dreadball  – I take an absolute drubbing whenever I play, but because my teams are spread over each season, I thought I’d give people a quick overview of the really important parts of Season one and Season two.

Four teams, four times the fun in Season One

Dreadball Season one is made up of four incredible teams, each with their own play style.  I’ve played all of the teams in season one and two, so I thought I’d give you an idea of what I’ve learned and what I enjoy the most about each team.  It might help you decide if you have a specific play style you like.  I know it took me a long time to get my head around the teams, but now I love playing all the time.


Season One’s human (Corporation) team – the Trontek 29ers are made up of the best of the best in the Corporation.  Trontek has effectively muscled out the competition when it comes to kit, and their team is just as ruthless.
Humans play in the most equally matched, making them average and a great place to start.  They make a great place to get a feel for the tactics that you might like and if I’m not playing Season Two’s Robots, I play humans.



Mauraders are the unstoppable force – they don’t play ball so much as flatten everyone and then score.  Well,  that’s not exactly true, but the Mauraders rely on brute speed and strength to win the games they play. Made up of Orx and Goblins, the Greenmoon Smackers rely on sheer power to dominate the board and keep people on the floor.



Forge Fathers

Forge fathers tend to be very difficult to knock over.  They are slow, steady and can be tactically played to ensure that if you don’t act rashly, you can win.  They are tiny boulders basically, they move slowly but are very difficult to knock over.  But, as they don’t move very fast, they need to rely on catching and defending to ensure that they’re able to reach the strike zones.
Introducing the Midgard Delvers….



Fluffy, furry and agile, these guys are zippy little balls of teeth and fur.  They’re fast as a flash, but as players go quite squishy.  And most prone to stealing the ball.  They have a specific tactic that you can play, depending on what you’re looking for, from the game.  I feel the Skittersneek Stealers take the most finesse to play, but are the most satisfying team of all.


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