I’ll be honest and say that I’ve yet to arrange a game of Dreadball Ultimate, though I live in hope.

So, instead of just telling you what it says in the manual, I thought I’d hand over to the guys at Beasts of War and let you decide what you think.

The Season three teams….

The Asterians (Shan-Meeg Starhawks) are sneaky cheaty.  They are lithe and agile, and even come with a ‘dirty tricks’ mechanic.  And while it’s always a risk to cheat, these guys do seem to get away with it more (Or have when I’ve gone up against them!) Their play style is quite easy to adapt to, if you like taking risks.


The Teratons (Ukomo Avalanchers) are one of the most surprising team I’ve ever seen.  They’ve only got guards and jacks, and though they’re not the best at handling the ball, they can teleport!  I love that the play style is quite adaptable because of this – you’ve just got to deal with getting your head around the movement and then away you go!


The Zees (Koeputki KolossalsThis team, I think is more quirky than any other.  The Zees are clones, so if there are more than eight of them on the pitch, Monkey business (yes, it’s a rule!) applies. Because they are clones, there are only Jacks.


The Nameless (Kalimarin Ancients) – I call these guys my sushi, and are my favourite team.  The Nameless are tetacly creatures, with two types of guard, they play in a very synergistic, interesting way.  I love that they’re flexible enough to play – and they look great too.


So, what do you think?  Are you going to join us at our Open Day in November and play?

And of course, look out for our special news on the new print of Dreadball.

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