It’s that time of year again, sports fans! Fire up your HD-Vid, break out your team jersey and get ready for the most fascinating season of DreadBall yet.


You know how it works by now – you know how the players operate, what they are willing to do to win and how much each and every sponsor craves their team to be winning big and making Creds. Or do you?

Off the pitch, the lid gets lifted on just what the teams and their sponsors are willing to do to make sure that they get ahead. Dastardly deeds, high spirited larks and all manner of other interesting events all add up to a drama away from the neodurium that is almost as compelling as the drama on it. And what is the DGB doing about all of this? Is Jesus Ortiz really as blind to some of the more blatant activities as some of his critics would have you believe? Or is the truth that his even more staunch detractors are right and he not only knows about, but encourages such corrupt practices? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s dive behind the scenes and work it out for yourselves.

DreadBall Season Six - Rulebook Preview

DreadBall Season Six – Season Book Preview

Regardless of whatever the truth happens to be, this is still the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport™, and that means new teams and new MVPs. We’ve had the exotic and the Xtreme(ish) – now it’s time for the outright bizarre, as four of the most peculiar and unique alien races yet encountered by the GCPS take to the pitch. New MVPs include more such aliens, more Giants, and some very peculiar visitors from….somewhere else.

There’s even a new Ref on the circuit, and he’s laying down the law, old school style!


DreadBall Season Six – Season Book Preview

Get ready for a whole week of DreadBall, as Season Six launches in style in October.

This week we will be exploring the four new teams and associated MVPs, previews from the rulebook (like the above!) and we’ve got news on organised play, a DreadBall FAQ and a little special to celebrate the end of the Rugby World Cup…

Got a DreadBall question? Let us know in the comments across this week and we’ll put together a Question and Answer blog for Friday. Look for Season Six pre-orders starting tomorrow.

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