Hello fellow coaches! Over the last couple of months you’ve heard myself, Jonny P and Ronnie speak of a World Ranking System for Dreadball.  With the coming of Season 6 to finally fill out the rosters for Dreadball….for now, I wanted to personally show some progress on what will hopefully take Dreadball to the next level.  We are very close now to doing a closed testing of the website to make sure all the bugs are worked out and all the bells and whistle are working.

With the new website, not only will it have the latest news, tactics and other great Dreadball content, we will now have a ranking system. You will be able to go to the website and create your coach profile and in your coach profile you will find all the tournaments you’ve participated in.  Not only will you be able to track your progress, you will be able to compare your coaching prowess to others in your city, state, country or the world.

Organizers of Dreadball tournaments will be able to request through the website that their tournaments be Mantic approved to have their scores of their tournament count in the rankings as well as have their tournament listed in the events page on the website.  More on that later.

Ronnie has a plan to have a World Cup, aka Stryker Cup tournament between the top player in the Americas vs the top player in Europe.  Stay tuned to hear more about that from the DIGBY governing body.

Get your teams painted, based and marked appropriately cause we are heading to the next level of Dreadball soon!  Here are some screenshots to get you motivated.




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