DreadBall Xtreme is the galaxy’s most brutal sport, brought to life in a violent underworld dominated by criminal masterminds and illegal betting rings. Assume the role of Sponsor, pick your team from a rag-tag group of alien mercenaries and play ball in the most dangerous arenas in the galaxy.

Today the brand new DreadBall Xtreme website went live.

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In the past we’ve tried building dedicated sites, but we’ve never quite been able to pull them off. This time around, with the help of hobbyist and Mantic Fan Matt Lee, we’ve put together a website specifically geared towards new players, with plenty of content for existing fans as well.

Let’s delve into the seedy underworld that is DreadBall Xtreme, and find out more…

Game Overview

From learning the background to the game to what you get in the box, get a full overview of the game and what you can expect from the Galaxy’s Most Brutal Sport.


How to…

Thanks to Talk Wargaming we’ve got painting guides on the website. So far we’ve got the convicts and kalyshi, but with Pete’s help we’ll be adding Free Agents and how to do the scenery too!

We’ll be adding a how to play video, thanks to the fine folk at Beasts of War, and Mantic Digital will be releasing the digital version of the rulebook in the next two weeks. You can already download our Example Rush page.



Videos, articles and the best from social media, we’ve got a collection of all the best bits from the interwebz. We’ll be adding galleries in the not-to distant future too. If you want to feature on the website, whether it’s a match report, video, article or just pics of your teams, send them into Luke.watson@manticgames.com!

If you want to find out more, you’d best visit the page here.


We want you!

We’re going to build a dedicated website for each system and our hope is that the community will take over the page, curate content and keep the site fresh and interesting.

That means we are looking for volunteers to become administrators and effectively “own” the website. We’ve done the development (and have plans to add more!) and will host the site, but this platform is for you guys and girls. Get in touch with chris.palmer@manticgames.com if you are interested in becoming an administrator or have any feedbackon the website.

The new DreadBall Website is now live! Find out more here.

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