For anyone who missed it, Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest got a release date.

Monday 4th August at 1:30pm BST to be precise!

Alongside this news, a brand new blog about the game went up. Fey magic has dispelled the ancient seals that protected it, meaning that it is no longer password protected!

Over at DungeonSaga,  you can check out the brand new logo and box cover, as well as exceptional new coloured art by Heath Foley and awesome Undead miniatures sculpted by Sylvain and painted by Dave Neild.

Not only that but everyday this week, alongside a post-a-day right here on the Mantic Blog, we’ll be unlocking a brand new piece of content.

It could be anything – today we’ve added a new unit entry for the Undead: the Skeleton Archer. Oh yes, the Necromancer gets ranged attacks too!

Speaking of rules, Jake’s been into the office numerous times over the last week or so to show us how the game rules are progressing…IMG_1426

… We can’t wait to share the free Beta rules with you after the Kickstarter campaign has started!


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